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The Nationwide Group, for quality bearings and oil seals from the UK - for both national and international distribution. Nationwide provides solutions for an ever-increasing range of bearing and oil seal applications. In addition to the ‘off the shelf’ products range stocked in our Doncaster warehouse, Nationwide offers customers cost-effective alternatives to their current bearings and oil seals solutions - and they gain much more than simply cutting production costs.

Cost advantages and more

If you already source bearings or oil seals from other suppliers, why change? The success of the Nationwide Group is attributed to innovative design, a highly skilled, professional workforce and a dedicated, customer focused approach. Nationwide’s superior service has persuaded many household names associated with the automotive, domestic appliance and agricultural industry sectors to do business with us.

*Significant savings on unit costs
*Accurate scheduling
*Reliable delivery time
*Custom design solutions
*Advanced technical capabilities
*O.E. and volume supplies

Whatever your requirement, whatever the industry, whatever the product, Nationwide has built its reputation on quality products and exceptional service to our customers. Whatever your bearings or oil seals requirement may be, please read our faq or contact us for further details on how we can help to save you time, money and effort. View the site map for help with navigating the website.