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'V’-Rings are made entirely of rubber, and can therefore be stretched over fittings, flanges or other obstacles. They comprise a body and a joined conical lip. The ‘V’-Ring is mounted on and rotates with the shaft, with the lip sealing against the housing, and the body holding it in position as well as sealing against the shaft.


* Each type of ‘V’-Ring can be used for different shaft diameters because of their elasticity
* Because of the rotation of the ‘V’-Ring, the seal can act as both a lip seal and deflector of liquids, greases, oils, dirt, sand and other materials
* It can accommodate for shaft abnormality and misalignment
* ‘V’-Rings can withstand both axial and radial loading
* The demands of the ‘V’-Ring on the tolerances and surface finish of the sealing surfaces are minimal
* The ‘V’-Rings will not wear the shaft, which is the expensive part of the machine
* No special requirements are necessary concerning the machining of the shaft
* Because the ‘V’-Ring can be mounted directly on to the shaft, it can be easily changed without time-consuming disassembly
* Complicated designs can be avoided, because the designer can adapt the ‘V’-Ring to the design instead of vice-versa


* Available in NBR and Viton®
* Viton® , the fluoroelastomer from DuPont


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